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The ART of Facilitation

The ART of Facilitation is an interactive, hands-on course created to supply the skills a facilitator must possess to facilitate ARTfully. ARTful facilitation is about providing knowledge and skills, and then getting out of the way of the learner. That’s it.

The facilitator creates the environment where the learner can thrive, then steps aside and allows them to do the work.

When it comes to the ART of facilitation, the age-old adage of “it’s not me, it’s all about YOU,” is the focus. The YOU in this case represents your participants. When ARTfully sharing new skills and data, the care is around the people for whom you must affect; not you. It’s not about entertainment, it’s not about the data, it’s about the actual “ART” of the actions. How to ‘ARTfully” convey your message in such a way that the learning not only “sticks” with your participants, but is applied.

This course teaches that facilitators should never do the work of the participant. The facilitator becomes the master of providing the materials and then gets out of the way to let the participant “own” the experience and the materials.

That is the ART.

Facilitation is not presenting, nor is it entertainment. It’s by definition “the neuron’s response to the encouragement of making it develop or become more active.” We provide the tools so participants can stimulate their audience at such a level that THEY WANT to learn – and that their job is to step aside and let it happen, while taking credit for being the hero.

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