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What’s Your One Word for 2020?

Our tradition at rpc is to choose one mission word for our company as we head into the next year. Each employee also chooses their own mission word for him/herself, making the exercise personal.

Why just one word? Missions are supposed to have nouns, verbs and adjectives aren’t they?

When you reduce your mission, objective and/or intention to just one word, it removes all the clutter. Do you have any idea how much less stressful it is in a meeting that has gone off the rails to stop and ask, “Hey, does this conversation support our mission word of ‘XXX’ this year?” If the answer is no, then you shift and redirect the conversation.

This level of simplicity breeds accountability in an organization. Accountability results in attention being paid to what matters, which leads to action in the right direction. Period.

The same is true for us as individuals. If we start the year with just one intention—one mission for ourselves—the clutter is removed. There’s a simple method for accountability and the path for action is clearer. Talk about a tension reduction and a gift of focus!

This year, rpc’s one word is social. Our focus is to ensure we share ourselves and our expertise with the world via social media like never before. Some of our team members’ words are passion, learn, purpose, connection and support; we share our words with each other to help with accountability and focus on our personal missions.

What about you? What’s your word? Take your time with your answer. Prioritize and choose with confidence. Then, enter 2020 and watch the clutter fall away and your world change.

A Happy New Year to everyone and we wish you well on your journey to living your one word!

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