Grateful, schmateful...

Yes, it's the season of saying thank you, being grateful and appreciating what you have . . . but . . .

Have you ever felt the opposite? Ever feel like it's everyone else's job to be against you, that you're set up to fail and the world is definitely not your oyster?

Yeah, yeah you have. We all have at one point or another. And when you feel like this, the worst thing you can hear from a friend, a colleague is, "well, you should just be thankful for . . .fill in the blank."

Oh - shut up. (Clearly this is what you think to yourself but would never say out loud . . .right?!)

We talk a lot about the power of choice here at rpc; so much that we wrote an entire keynote speech about it.

And during these times when you're low, have hit an obstacle or a roadblock and feel ungrateful, you DO have a choice. You don’t have to listen to the seasonal peer pressure to stop and appreciate what you have . . .maybe you need to just revel in your misery for a while; and swim around in your low mental state until your fingers get all pruney. And if you want to, then do it.

However, at some point, you’re going to feel exhausted; mentally and physically. That’s when you’ll probably be ready to take a pause and make a new choice. Ask yourself, "Okay, how's this working out for me right now? How much am I losing by allowing myself to think this way?" Really think about your answer; and once again swim around in your reality and be honest with yourself. Then make a choice.

  • Choice 1 - Accept it. Really accept what's happening, forgive the person, the situation or yourself and move on.

  • Choice 2 - Change it. Take real action to change the situation.

  • Choice 3 - Shift your perspective around it. This one is for big girls and boys. Really think about what’s going on for the other person or the situation and shift how you think. This will shift how you feel and then you'll propel forward.

  • Choice 4 - Leave it. Be aware, wherever you go, there you are. Leaving it is a real choice and really be clear on the consequence before taking action here.

  • Choice 5 – Remain a victim to it. Whatever is going on, you're probably blaming a situation or a person for your pain. Again, ask, how's that working out for you? Will remaining in this mental state benefit you in the long run.

The point is this - this is the season of gratitude; and you might not be there yet. And that’s okay. You get to decide if you want to be. If you decide that you're experiencing a low and want to remain in victim mode for a while, then do it, embrace it, sit on the couch and watch the Hallmark channel all day. And at some point, when you’re ready, ask if you want to make a new choice. Then make it.

Until then my friends, we at rpc are currently in a very grateful place, choosing to say thank you today! We thank you for years of support and friendship and do wish you all the best as we enter into this holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL – we hope you’re grateful; or not :).

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