Check Out The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast

It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed by Simone Morris, host of the Power of Owning Your Career Podcast.

“Every episode features a guest who is definitely demonstrating behaviors to powerfully own their careers. The intent is to provide an empowerment opportunity to learn from those mastering the skills necessary to succeed in your career.”

Check out my episode, Jump and the Net Will Appear, on iTunes, Spotify or iHeartRadio. You can also click here to listen to the episode for free!

"Episode Overview: This is a delightful episode. You'll laugh as you learn as Simone and Tina have a candid conversation about careers and the driver's seat. Tina says we must jump in our careers and allow the net to catch up. Let's not preoccupy ourselves with figuring out how. Ask for the help you need and go get that career of yours."

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