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Human Sigma

Six Sigma changed the face of manufacturing quality, creating excellence by reducing variance in finished goods, revolutionizing businesses, and boosting profits. Now, Human Sigma is poised to do the same for sales and service organizations. 

As leaders, we often focus on creating the ideal process and neglect the most critical element in the supply chain; the people. The people who make the process work, and the customers who ultimately let you know if the if the process is a success. Human Sigma focuses on accepting human nature and then using it to lead employees, motivate them, and accelerate their development and ultimately customer emotions to your benefit. 

This course focuses on a research-based approach to one of the toughest challenges facing business today: how to drive success by effectively managing the moments where employees interact with customers. 

Based on research spanning 10 million employees and 10 million customers around the globe, the Human Sigma approach combines a proven method for assessing the health of the employee-customer encounter with a disciplined process for improving it. 

Human Sigma is based on five new rules to bring excellence to the way employees engage and interact with customers: 

• RULE #1: E Pluribus Unum. Employee and customer experiences must be managed together -- not as separate entities. 
• RULE #2: Feelings Are Facts. Emotions drive and shape the employee-customer encounter. 
• RULE #3: Think Globally, Measure and Act Locally. The employee-customer encounter must be measured and managed at the local level. 
• RULE #4: There Is One Number You Need to Know. Employee and customer engagement interact to drive enhanced financial performance. And this interaction can be quantified and summarized with a single performance metric. 
• RULE #5: If You Pray for Potatoes, You Better Grab a Hoe. This means that good intentions alone do not constitute a plan of action. Sustainable improvement in the employee-customer encounter requires disciplined local action coupled with a company-wide commitment to changing how employees are recruited, positioned in roles, rewarded and recognized, and importantly, how they are managed. 

In this course, rpc shows how sales and service companies can flourish in a customer-centric world. 

• You’ll learn a profoundly different method for managing human systems for growth 
• How to blend strategic analysis with hands-on, practical steps 
• How to apply the rules of Human Sigma to your human interactions within the workplace and within customer touchpoints Human Sigma will change how you view your work, your employees, and your customers forever. 

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