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“Great business plans, products and services can be easily copied by your competitors.  Great personnel cannot.” – Jim Collins

The goal of our HR Services deliverable is to assist you with assuring you have employees who are on the right seat on the bus. 


The people you hire, their competencies and their overall workplace happiness are key to your success. In our portfolio of HR services, you’ll find proven ways to enhance your ability to attract, hire and retain a top team. All our HR services are designed to inspire you to take a customer-centric perspective. Where useful, we apply the latest technologies to push the process of managing people to the next level.

One example is using virtual reality to introduce applicants to your workplace. When it comes to finding new talent, discover our unique digital recruiting process, developed in-house specifically for retail HR requirements. Equally important are our employee retention solutions. We customize them to cater to the local requirements of our clients worldwide.

talent acquisition program (T.A.P.)

T.A.P. is like no other. Developed as an onsite, tailored Talent Acquisition Program, this initiative is designed around the specific criteria for your company - supporting YOU exclusively and with laser focus.

hr consulting

From onboarding, to building a competitive intrinsic package offering to working through performance issues; rpc has the consultative experience and expertise to set you up for success utilizing our on-site Consultants.

hr services, tools & assessments

Time is of the essence.  Our use of Video Technology allows you and your hiring managers to view candidates at your convenience.

Video Interviewing also allows you to pick up on nuances that cannot be detected by CV alone.

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