Pro Facilitation Fails. Learn From the BEST When They Were at their WORST. 

Thank you for your interest in being part of rpc's newest book, Fantastic Facilitation Fails! We appreciate your interest in participating and helping new facilitation warriors become the best they can be by learning from the Best of the Best!

This project includes input from those who have been identified as the best facilitators in their industry, and who lead by example. The stories from the experts are meant to capture some of what they themselves consider their biggest facilitation fails, because it's through 'failure' that we all learn the biggest and arguably, the most important lessons. As we can't possibly make all the mistakes on our own, nor experience all the failures ourselves, we can use the power of this new book to learn through the eyes and experience of others. 

We're looking for stories that allow for vulnerability and honesty. Stories that will let future facilitators know that they too will experience what they consider to be failure, and it may sting a little, however, we're all the better for it. The advice given in this book can help to shape and mold the future of facilitation to help future warriors understand the ART along with the science; through personal experiences. 

If selected, each contributor will receive full attribution to include your bio and picture in the book. 

There are five EASY and necessary steps in order to be part of this book project:

STEP 1: Write your answers to the questions on the page below (Under the Registration headline).

STEP 2: Write your bio (750 words or FEWER).

STEP 3: Upload a high-resolution headshot.

STEP 4: Choose your contributor tier. 

STEP 5: Complete and sign the release form.

After you've submitted your chapter, it will be edited and approved. If there are any questions, you'll receive an email message. Not all contributions will be selected either as a result of book length, or inappropriate submissions. Because some answers may not be what we are looking for, we reserve the right to turn away any submissions that don't fit our needs. 

If you are not contacted, then assume the book is in production with your submission and we'll work to meet our deadline to launch in April 2021. 

Complete all of the required fields below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this form by OCTOBER 20, 2020. Time is of the essence to ensure we meet our deadline. 

The first 25 who submit everything requested (following the guidelines listed above) will be the first to be considered for inclusion in the book.

There will be a waiting list in case some of the first submissions do not follow-through with the remaining steps.

These guidelines are set-up so that we can provide the most value to our audience AND to make this process simple and FAST. Again, the due date for all submissions is October 20, 2020 with an expected date of April 2021 to launch.

Thank you for your participation and looking forward to the book release!



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Facilitation Fails

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