"The core of the consulting business is going in and eating the brain of the organization.” - Matthew Stewart

Retail companies are all rethinking how they create value and experiences for their customers at a time when people have more information and less brand loyalty. Transforming your business from product-centric to customer-centric is a crucial step. However, it’s an intricate task involving scrutinizing your business model and executing a complex transformation. And this is especially hard when you're emotionally and financially attached to the outcome.


rpc approaches consulting with a simple format that engages your entire company to ensure the realistic picture is painted.  We learn of your ultimate goals, tools you have to obtain your goals and the personnel you have to take you there.  We become your “Organizational Doctor” and ensure to never prescribe any solution without a full and comprehensive diagnosis. 


After our comprehensive assessment, our prescriptions can include mapping a customer journey, leadership training or creating a digital strategy for future sales concepts.  Again, the solution is tailored and is geared to elevate your business to the next level of success.

organizational consulting

Our Consulting process includes data analysis, one-on-one employee interviews, behavioral observations and process diagnostics.  


At the conclusion of our in-depth consultation, we work honestly and openly to showcase ideal solutions, produce timelines, deliverables and assign action items with accountability.  All with the focus on elevating your company to the next level.  


Some categories around what we consult could be:   training, retail intelligence, processes and business technology, strategy and digital transformation, recruitment/talent management, transformation and change retail operations.

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